Dr. Marc Oster's Clinical Practice Interests

My interests lie in behavioral medicine, wherein most all of my patients are struggling with a chronic medical condition as our primary focus or as a secondary focus.  This includes life transitions and acute or chronic medical conditions.  This might include: pre-surgical or procedural preparation, weight loss surgery evaluations and counseling, IBS and related disorders, cancer, procedural anxiety and pain management, childbirth preparation, and when a patient is not responding to proper medical treatment.  I also see children (age 14 or older) with medical problems, such as encopresis, enuresis, or procedural anxiety and pain management, and performance related breathing problems..

I also see patients with general complaints such as anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, fear of flying, performance anxiety, social phobia, depression, and coping with life transitions (post-college adjustment, middle-age, retirement-age).

I also provide a variety of consulting services to attorneys and law enforcement. I assist in developing strategy concerning psychological issues, review records, examine parties in a law suit, testify at depositions and in court in personal injury matters.  I consult with law enforcement agencies concerning witness recall and hypnosis for "cold case" murder investigations.  I provide pre-employment and fitness-for-duty evaluation for law enforcement officer candidates.