Marc I Oster, PsyD, ABPH
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Philosophy of Care

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I was always fascinated by people's behavior, how they think and understand the world around them.  I would agree that many of us, psychological service providers, also want to understand ourselves better as well.  In my own journey, I faced a decision to pursue psychology or medicine.  At first psychology was the choice because medicine would have taken so long.  As it turned out, psychology took just as long.  Secondly, I was drawn to the idea of working primarily with words and image, thus - my interest in hypnosis.

I see the patient's role as that of collaborator, a partner.  I believe we all have within us resources to solve most of our problems.  In my role, I bring empathy and technical knowledge but the patient brings the tools for us to use  their symptoms and experiences. 

My role in our relationship is to be open to the patient's experience of their symptoms or illness and understand that experience.  I apply technical and artistic skills to help the patient to integrate their condition into their life, restoring or resetting a balance in all spheres of life, the biological, psychological, social and spiritual.

Health is achieved when there is a balance and interaction between the four spheres mentioned above.  My modalities helped this process by demonstrating to the patient that they can influence their health.  They learn tools that they can apply to their current problems and elsewhere in their lives and experience a sense of mastery.